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Control Line model with foam wings, dimensions in Centimetres for about 36 inch span. Add spruce spars to wing, top and bottom. Suitable for Diesel or Glow engines 2.5cc and up to light weight 6cc Glow. ) 0.6MB


Just an old scan of some aircraft cockpit instruments, possibly useful for R/C Scale? 0.6MB


Vintage "A" teamracer suitable for Burford T/R racing. 0.16 MB, DB's pick.


Vintage "A" teamracer suitable for Burford T/R racing. 0.22 MB, Provides extra details for newcommers.


Sweedish ( 1954 ) Vintage "A" teamracer. 0.27 MB, Provides extra details for newcommers.


British FAI model used in "A" T/R for heavier engines. 0.42 MB


How to build notes on the Footprint T/R model. 0.28 MB


Per Hasling's FAI Teamrace Model from Modelflyvenyt-8 (Swedish) magazine 1969 3.2 MB

A-Rat135 Plan

Instructions to Build

Dave Clarkson's A-Rat plan for Control Line Rat Race of .15 sized Engines

R/C Pattern Model

This is a Picture of the original model. Picture Size is 0.1834 MB. Plan file size is 10MB and is a PDF file.

FMV engine article

This is our take on the famous FMV Team Race engine article, a must for budding race engine tuners.

Le Riviste Italiane di Aeromodellismo Dinamico

Website dedicated to lovely old Italian Aeromodelling magazines


A link to copies of  Australian Control Line News