Wankel type rotary combustion Engines

Note1: Prices are a guide only as the final price depends on State and Federal taxes, delivery etc., contact your local Representative for a price in your currency and country.
Mufflers are supplied free of charge with the purchase of a new engine but you must ask and specify at the time of purchase how the engine is to be used e.g. "for RC Scale in an inverted position". This will determine what we will send you.

Note3: A Wankel type, single rotor four stroke RCM engine is roughly equivalent to a twin cylinder horizontally opposed two stroke as regards firing impulses and vibration.


You tell us what you would like to see here.

We can build it but we must be sure that it is wanted!

250cc air cooled RCM, single rotor ( currently in design )
$ 2400 
AA3000AW 500cc air cooled RCM, single rotor ( currently in planning ) $ 3200 

Note4: Contact Sales to arrange the purchase of any item listed here.