Single Cylinder Engines
Note1: Prices are a guide only as the final price depends on State and Federal taxes, delivery etc., contact your local Representative for a price in your currency and country.
Mufflers are supplied free of charge with the purchase of a new glow plug or spark ignition engine but you must ask and specify at the time of purchase how the engine is to be used e.g. "for RC Scale in an inverted position". This will determine what we will send you.





1.5cc 1/2A Combat plain bearing Diesel engine with radial porting for Nostalgia events (in planning for 2017 release)

$ 100


2cc R/C Assist & Park Flyer Diesel engine based on Taipan15Series66G crankcase. (on sale Dec. 2016)

$ 150 to

$ 175


2.5cc Replica of the 1966 Taipan TBR prototype (New Mk2 Version in Stock)

$ 180


2.5cc Replica of the 1959 “Red Head” Rear Induction, Taipan TBR (for Vintage Team Racing, in prototyping for 2017, ours will have a “Blue Head”;)

$ 245


2.5cc Replica of the 1969 Taipan 15-RS prototype (Rear exhaust Schnuerle Diesel version now entering prototyping for 2017 release)

$ 180


2.5cc Replica of the 1965 Taipan 15 plain bearing engine for SAM events (in production for December 2017 release)

$ 150


3.2cc Based on the Taipan 19 TBRG engine from 1967 for C/L aerobatics (in planning)

$ 190

Note3: Contact your local Representative via the Contact page to arrange the purchase of any item listed here.