ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange, basically 7 bit text data.
Australian Space Research Institute, check out the site ASRI
The transmission rate of a serial communications channel in bits per second, 9600 Baud is roughly equivalent to 950 ASCII characters per second.
Computer Aided Design. e.g. Drafting package to produce layout drawings.
Computer Aided Manufacture. e.g. Programs to run machinery that does a lot of the work for you.
Computer Integrated Manufacture, Integration of CAD and CAM.
Control Line, A method of remotely controlling a vehicle such as a model airplane through the wire tether.
Customer Relations Management, clients are valued, remembered and attended to promptly.
DARPA US Department of Defense, Advanced Research Project Agency, a part of the US Federal Government.
Environmental Protection Management, leave the World in a better condition then you found it and do not pollute!
ERM Enterprise Resource Management is the whole of business electronic management method.
Flight Dynamic Pressure, the speed in flight where the dynamic air pressure forced onto a vehicle could cause a structural failure of that vehicle. FDP diminishes with decreasing air density due to an increase in altitude or a decrease in engine thrust.
Or Glo-Plug, a coil of platinoid wire used to provide an ignition source to the cylinder/s of an internal combustion engine, used in place of a spark plug.
Recursive acronym of 'GNU is not Unix', provides some of the Open Source code for the Linux Operation system such as the GCC 'C' compiler.
General Public License, protects authors from legal prosecution, loss of intellectual property rights and outlines to users their freedom to use, modify, copy and distribute. You may obtain a copy from the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA.
Human Resource Management, know and value your staff and provide timely training, support, incentive, safety and welfare.
Quality Assurance cycle! Plan the product, Do the manufacture, Check that the result is good and meets all standards set especially including customer satisfaction, Act on any need to upgrade manufacture or design and then go back to the start and do it again and again......
An Open Source operating system based on the UNIX kernel and maintained by Linus Torvalds, replacement for the Windows operating system.
Forerunner of NASA.
National Aeronautical Space Administration, a national body of the Federal Government of the U.S.A.
Non propriety software that is provided with the source code and a license such as the GPL that allows the freedom to use and alter the code and re-compile the program to suit one's own needs, may also be free of any cost other than distribution charges.
Radio or Remote Controlled vehicle such as an airplane, boat or car.
Remotely Piloted Vehicle such as a Radio Controlled Airplane.
Simple Integrated Development Environment for Linux.
Standard Operating Procedure, providing written information to ensure that product manufacturing repeatability is maintained. This ensures that each part is correctly made out of the correct materials and is identical from batch to batch regardless of who the operator is or when it is made.
Staff Succession Management, the training of Staff to replace retiring Staff Members on a timely basis so as to ensure the continued supply and quality of the Company's Products.
A restraining device such as a wire used to restrain a moving vehicle generally into a circular path e.g. tether model cars or C/L model aircraft.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle could be a RPV or may be controlled by artificial intelligence either from the ground or onboard or both.
UNiversal system for Information eXchange, operating system funded originally by DARPA on which the Internet runs.