Greetings fellow aeronaut and thank you very much for visiting our site!

   As a company we have been established five years although we have been around since 1986 as Adelaide Avionics Pty. Ltd. That Company has now been closed and it's activities split up into suitable areas. That means that all of the UAV engines will continue to be handled by us as Adelaide Aeromotive Pty. Ltd., a compilation of some original staff plus some new faces undergoing training in the dark art of aircraft engine manufacture.

   The Company is family owned and operated with a very long tradition of customer service. Our CEO is David Burke who has been designing and building commercial quality engines, airframes and computers since 1978. His job continues to be supervising the design process but other activities must include sales and warranty claims. Why? We recognise that technology and customer needs can change the design of our products so we employ the quality assurance methodology of 'Continual Improvement' also known as the 'PDCA' cycle. Feedback and Customer Support is therefore an essential part of the service that we provide!

   Our Company is situated in Adelaide, South Australia in the country of Australia. Australia is a reliable and politically stable country with a long history of export to world markets. All product shipped is done so with insurance and tracking slips to ensure safe delivery in a timely manner. Follow up is on a personal basis via email by the Representative who sold you the product.

   We run 24 hour services however because we like your contact to be on a personal basis replies may take up to five days depending on the urgency of the matter and the availability of the particular staff member. If we can be of further assistance then you may contact us at your leisure, please accept our invitation to browse our website and add it to your browser's 'Favorites/Bookmarks' list!

  We have appointed a Dealer to represent us in the United States of America and are actively seeking Representatives in other countries who have a proven history in engines either as a collector or as a competitor. We believe in personal service with ongoing support as a cornerstone of our business model.

David Burke gets queries of what engines are in development from time to time and we do publish the odd photo or two of Prototypes on his Facebook Page.