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June 19


AA has just started work on the new Intro engine, a copy of the Taipan 1.5cc plain bearing deezil engine that was used by so many budding Aeronauts back in the Sixties. ( AA09S66PBD ).

May 9 2016

We have completed work on the Mk2 Version of the AA15S66TBRD Repro. and there is now limited stock available. Have to say that it took a lot longer than originally anticipated! We are confident that the design is now truly up to the layout that we originally could only hope to achieve. Reverse engineering is expensive, time consuming and difficult! Hope that you enjoy the product of our labors :)

May 25 2014

We have begun development work on the Mk2 Version of the AA15S66TBRD Repro. that was originally released in 2011. This is the "alternate" version envisioned by Gordon Burford which is basically a cut down and therefore slightly lighter variant of the Original Mk1. The Mk1, which will no longer be made, was for Collectors and the Mk2 is for Users. You can see the beginnings of the transformation on it's Product page by clicking on the Thumbnail image on that page. There will be the Mk3 version as well later in the year which will be offered alongside the Mk2. The Mk3 is a modern "Works Tuned" Class A racing engine, not suitable for "Burford Events" but still appropriate for Class A Teamrace competition against "Modern" Oliver Tiger and its various Clones such as the Rothwell R250 and the CS Olly. The Mk3 will pay particular attention to range and speed while using original style materials and technology that is appropriate for the Period. Owners could turn a Mk2 into the Mk3, given the time and workshop facilities, but we think that the Mk3 will be a suitable offering with the power output tested at the Factory before shipment.

May 22 2014

We have begun prototype development work on an engine for SAM Old Timer events, a copy of the Taipan Series65 Plain Bearing Diesel. Some Prototype photos are already being added to it's "AA15S65PBD" Product Page.

May 20

After some time of producing nothing new we thought you would like to see one of the new model engine designs that we are working on. Have a look at the prototype for the AA12S14 which is gradually becoming reality. This is a new "old" design, not a copy of an existing engine although we do that as well! :)

Jan 21 2010

We have begun prototype development work on a range of smaller model aircraft engines based largely on the work of the Late Gordon Burford when he was the CEO of Gordon Burford and Company Pty. Ltd. Gordon was responsible for such brands as GB, Sabre, Glo-Chief and of course Taipan Miniature Engines and has been the only mass producer of model aircraft engines in Australia to date over a period of more than thirty years.